Japanese Wood Working Tools

Japanese wood working tools have always been recognised as the "elite" and most highly sought after by discerning woodworkers.

Dozuki-Me Dovetail Saw. 240mm
For very precise and accurate cuts


Mini Dozuki Saw 150 mm

Dozuki mini saw

Dozuki Tenan Saw 240mm
For high precision cuts and fine finish


Kugihiki Flush Cut Saw 125 mm blade For flush cutting of dowels and plugs


Anahiki Beam Saw 440mm blade For initial cuts of planks and beams

Anahiki beam saw

Ryoba Saw Razor 240mm For rip and cross cuts

Ryoba razor saw

Oire Nomi Chisels. Blade length approx. 62mm. Available also with longer shoulders and tangs. Laminated steel blade.

orie nomi chisels

Katara Saw – Bakuma Brand
For Ripping on cross-cutting. Blade sizes 250mm, 265mm, 300mm

Katara Saw

Hassunme Rip Saw. Blade thickness 0.5mm. 250mm length for effortless ripping of long boards. Features replaceable handles.

hassunme rip saw

Kiridashi Vee Point Marking Knive. Designed to be used right or left handed giving option of marking in either direction.

vee point marking knife

Kiridashi Marking Knife. Four widths available 9, 12, 15, 18mm. Can be used as they are or with a wooden handle.

kiridashi marking knife

Hassunme Crosscut Saw. Easy blade change.

hassunme cross cut saw
Three edges to each tooth.

Water Stones
A wide selection of Japanese water stones to sharpen everything from an axe to a needle.

Bench stones, grades 800 – 8,000

Cane Gouge Stones: Concave – convex, grades 180 – 400

Sampling Sets for fine carving tools, grades 1,000 and 4,000

Water Stones
Water Stone